blackrabbit42: (blackrabbit)
2017-03-06 01:05 am

It's Dark Inside

Art Title: It's Dark Inside
Prompt Number: R1007
Artist: [ profile] dephigravity

Fic Title: It's Dark Inside
Author: [ profile] blackrabbit42
Fandom/Genre: Horror
Pairing(s): J2
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4700
Warnings: dubcon, self harm, depression, anhedonia
Summary:   It's just a little innocent fun, right?  Just a stupid party game, a way to ask the question they both know the answer to, no harm in that, right?

The demon called Rabbit Jack smiles in the darkness.  This is going to be good.


A/N:  One million thanks to dephigravity for being so damn extra even when all you were hearing was excuses from me.  You've been so gracious and kind, and the art is just ridiculous and I think I said I "adored" it, but that doesn't do justice to how freaking cool it is.  And for all the times you leant an ear, that meant a lot. Thank you SO MUCH.  And to the mods who were also patient and gave me five hundred second chances, thank you for all your hard work.  Amazing.

Is there anyone at the party you want to kiss? )